ISSB Success Guide |ISSB Preparation Book|


ISSB Guide Book gives you information about the Initial online test, Academic Tets, Physical Test, and finally the Interviews. Complete guide step by step to your success.

Book Developed in Both languages (Urdu & English).

Contents section 

  • Let’s start preparation
  • Introduction to the forces
  • Registration To Selection Procedure
  • Selection process
  • What is ISSB & how to pass ISSB?
  • Initial Tets Guide
  • Test your self by self-assessment test


To Understand the ISSB selection procedure and Armed forces Joining procedure through ISSB, this book consists of complete guidelines with registration and selection procedure.

This ISSB Guide leading you step by step to your success.

Key Feature of ISSB Guide Book

  • What Is Online Test?
  • Selection Procedure.
  • ISSB Test Format
  • Self Study Course
  • Self-Assessment Test
  • Physical Test Guide

Additional information

BOOK Details

ISSB Guide Book is specially design to understand Pakistan Armed Forces joining & selection procedure.