Verbal Intelligence Test 1


allis tomany as fewis to?


The terms are related in quantity: The right term is a small decrement of the left term.

earthis toball as pancakeis to?


The earth has the shape of a ball, a pancake has the shape of a disc.

warmis tohot as oldis to?


A synonym of warm is hot, a synonym of old is antique.

Europeis toSpain as North Americais to?


Spain is a country in Europe, Canada is a country in North America

butcheris toknife as hairdresseris to?


A butcher uses a knife, a hairdresser uses scissors.

proseis topoetry as conversationis to?


Poetry and prose are rhyming and non-rhyming written texts, song and conversation are rhyming and non-rhyming spoken texts.

bowis toarrow as ?is tobullet


You shoot arrow with a bow, you shoot bullets with a gun.

leftis toright as horizontalis to?


The opposite of left is right, the opposite of horizontal is vertical.

hipis toankle as shoulderis to?


The first and third joint of the leg are the hip and ankle. The corresponding joints for the arm are the shoulder and wrist.

eveningis tomorning as dinneris to?


In the evening you eat dinner, in the morning you eat breakfast.

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