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The NUMS MDCAT Paper 2022 was divided into four sections: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and English. The total exam duration was 150 minutes which included 200 multiple-choice questions. The questions were prepared according to the curriculum prescribed by the NUMS.

NUMS Paper 2022 | Important Points |

As per NUMS Syllabus the test part A consists of 150 MCQs from the academic portion and is divided into the following pattern.

  • Biology 35 % (55 MCQs)
  • Chemistry 25 % (40 MCQs)
  • Physics 25 % (40 MCQs)
  • English 10 % (15 MCQs)

The test also has part B which is Psychological Test. Here is the NUMS MDCAT Paper 2022 with the answer key. Students can download the full paper and key.

NUMS Past Paper 2022 Learning Points

After solving this NUMS Paper 2022 you will able to make a proper NUMS Entry Test 2023 study plan. Solving past papers can help students become familiar with the main points of the test, including its format, structure, and content.

Here are some key points to consider when selecting the best preparation method for your exam

  1. Learn about the test format
  2. Follow NUMS Syllabus 2023
  3. Develop an education plan
  4. Use reliable educational materials
  5. Exercise daily.
  6. It is very important to prepare with peace.
  7. Keep reviewing questions and correct weaknesses
  8. Work with positive thinking
  9. Get help from others and keep solving questions
  10. Key Point: Monitor time and adopt team management skills

Rest calmly on test day and think you have enough preparation for the test.

NUMS Paper 2022 PDF

NUMS MDCAT Paper 2022 PDF file is attached below. You can download the NUMS Paper PDF file with a single click. NUMS MDCAT Paper 2022 answer key is also given at the end.

The document named “NUMS MDCAT Paper 2022” is a PDF file that includes the real exam questions for the National University of Medical Science Medical and Dental College Admission Test for the year 2022.


The file (NUMS MDCAT Paper 2022) is in PDF format, and it has a certain number of pages and size. It was sourced from a reliable and authorized provider, and it is only meant for educational purposes and should not be used for any other purpose. You are allowed to share this file with others.

Benefits of solving NUMS MDCAT Paper 2022

Here are the benefits of solving NUMS MDCAT Past Papers:

  1. Familiarity with exam format: By solving NUMS MDCAT Past Papers, you can get acquainted with the MDCAT exam format, types of questions, and time limit for each section.
  2. Identifying weak Subjects: Solving NUMS MDCAT Papers allows you to identify your weak subjects and improve your studies accordingly.
  3. Time administration process: While solving NUMS MDCAT Paper 2022, you can practice executing the time administration process, which is really important for test success.
  4. Learn exam techniques: By solving NUMS Past paper 2022 you can learn exam techniques, such as reading the question carefully, eliminating incorrect answers, and avoiding common mistakes.
  5. Increase Confidence: Solving NUMS Paper 2022 increases your confidence and reduces exam anxiety.

Download NUMS Past papers

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