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Students who are searching for PMA non verbal intelligence test can solve PMA non-verbal intelligence test here. Our PAKARMYGUIDE.COM team is working on it and try its best to provide the latest PMA non verbal intelligence test.

Non Verbal Intelligence Test is most important part of PMA Long Course as 70% of students fail to clear PMA non verbal test. To get high scoring marks in overall PMA test students have to practice for PMA verbal and Non verbal intelligence test.

1st step of PMA online Test is Verbal Intelligence Test 2nd step of PMA Test is PMA Non Verbal Intelligence Test students can prepare for this non verbal test.

PMA Non Verbal Intelligence Test MCQs

In this test, the candidate has to solve 85-90 MCQs in 30 minutes. PMA MCQs may be easy sometimes but not easy for all candidates. If you practice for the nonverbal intelligence test then you can easily pass PMA nonverbal intelligence test.

Most students just focus on academic tests only. and as a result, they fail to clear PMA initial test. Stepwise preparation is needed to clear PMA initial test.

Step 1 Verbal Intelligence Test > Step 2 Non Verbal Intelligence Test > Step 3 Academic Test


Students have to clear all three steps of the PMA initial test. If a candidate successfully clear verbal intelligence test, non verbal intelligence test and academic test. A message on the computer screen will appear as Congratulations.

To seeing Congratulations message on the computer screen after clear PMA Initial Test is a happy moment for All candidates

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How to Solve PMA Non Verbal Test

To solve the non-verbal intelligence test first of all look at the question figures and try to understand the pattern of figures. It’s deepening upon each candidates intelligence that how much he understands the question pattern to answer the question.

In UK Non-verbal intelligence test is used for employee testing system

PMA Long Course Test Preparation Books

PMA Long Course Test Preparation Book

PMA Preparation Notes

Here are some important practice papers of the PMA non-verbal intelligence test to solve online.

PMA Non Verbal Online Practice Test

Solve given bellow test completely and calculate results. One thing which is important to note is that the time for each MCQs during PMA online test is just 20 seconds for each PMA Non-verbal Intelligence Test. Try to manage time during online test practice.

Remaining Tests available in Paid Course Only

  • 5 Practice Test
  • 6 Practice Test
  • 7 Practice Test
  • 8 Practice Test
  • 9 Practice Test
  • 10 Practice Test



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After solving these tests a candidate will be able to solve PMA Long Course non-verbal intelligence Test portion.

PMA 149 Non-Verbal Test Online Preparation

Non-Verbal MCQs during PMA 149 Test schedule will be uploaded here daily wise. Candidates can check these Non-verbal Test during PMA 149 Test schedule

Students can also join our PMA Whatsapp Group for Test Preparation and guidelines. In this group, you can chat freely and discuss MA Preparation. We will share daily tests to solve for best preparation.

  • Non-Verbal Test (Daily Test consist of 45 MCQs)
  • PMA Verbal Test (Daily Test consist of 45 MCQs)
  • Academic Test (Daily Test consist of 80 MCQs)

Students have to solve these tests for a month only. This course will launch soon and only 256 members can join this course. As there will be no fee for PMA Test Preparation for the public groups.

If a candidate wants more guideline and information, he can book tutor online here.

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