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Females can join Pakistan Army as a Nurse. Here is complete information about AFNS Test Syllabus and AFNS Test Pattern 2022. You can also download AFNS Past Papers in PDF format.

To become a Nurse in the Army candidates should have to get register for Army Nursing Admission 2022. After successful registration start preparation for AFNS initial test which is held at the Army Selection centre. Candidates have to perform an online test on the computer according to the AFNS syllabus.

For preparation as per the AFNS syllabus, 2022 read the complete article and download AFNS Syllabus and AFNS Past Papers. This past and practice papers are important to understanding the AFNS test pattern.

AFNS Test Syllabus 2022

AFNS Syllabus for Upcoming AFNS Course is as follows,

  • Verbal Intelligence Test
  • Non Verbal Intelligence Test
  • Academic Test

This is a short syllabus outline for AFNS Initial test. This is the given pattern of the PAK Army initial Test. Verbal and Non-Verbal Intelligence Tests are important and need practice. Candidates have to practice for these intelligence tests. If a candidate fails to clear the verbal intelligence test or non-verbal intelligence test, He will not be able to proceed for Academic Test.

AFNS Verbal Intelligence Test

verbal intelligence Test consists of 85-90 MCQs and the time allowed to solve these MCQs is 30 minutes only. Without practice, candidates can not clear this part of the AFNS Initial Test.

Verbal and Nonverbal tests for AFNS are the same as PMA Verbal Intelligence Test students can also practice for PMA verbal intelligence Test.

Here is some sample test for online practice.

Candidates can practice online for the Verbal intelligence Test

AFNS Non Verbal Intelligence Test

nonverbal intelligence is the 2nd part of AFNS Initial Test. In this test candidate has to solve 85-90 MCQs within 30 minutes. You can practice online for this test or buy AFNS Test Preparation Book for 100% preparation according to AFNS Test Syllabus. Get AFNS Book place online order and pay upon delivery. Home delivery through TCS.

Here are sample papers for AFNS Non Verbal Intelligence Test.

[wp_quiz id=”1715″]

Practice more for Non Verbal Intelligence Test

AFNS Academic Test

The Academic Test of AFNS is the most important part of the initial test. Subjects for AFNS Initial test are as follow

  • English Portion
  • Biology
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • World G.K
  • Pakistan Study
  • Islamic History

Ge preparation Book or Study Notes for AFNS Academic Test Preparation. Academic Portion consists of 50 MCQs to solve within 25 minutes and the passing ratio of the Academic test is 22 right MCQs out of 50.

AFNS Test Preparation Book

AFNS Past Papers

past papers are important for the preparation of any test. Students search for AFNS Past Papers for test preparation. Here they can get AFNS Past Papers with solutions. AFNS Past papers with repeated MCQs also added in AFNS Test Preparation Book.

Solve Army Nursing Past Papers and AFNS Practice papers. Practice papers with answer key also the part of AFNS Book.

Best Preparation Methods

A candidate who wants admission for Armed Forces Nursing Services AFNS can prepare initial tests online and from books. Different Books are available in the market for preparation. You can buy a book for preparation.

During online preparation students fails to cover all syllabus which is necessary for AFNS Test. It would be better to prepare from book according to papers pattern as per AFNS Syllabus.

Here is the Best Book for AFNS Test preparation including Verbal Intelligence Test, Non verbal intelligence Test, Academic test, AFNS Past papers, and AFNS Interview Guide. Complete book according to the syllabus of AFNS Test 2022

AFNS Test Preparation Book

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Effective Study Tips for AFNS Test

  • Pick a place and time
  • Plan Your Time (Select your best time for study)
  • Set Time period to study every day
  • Stay motivated
  • Get helping notes
  • Solve past papers to understand the paper pattern
  • Review and revise complete syllabus

Keep in touch with others who already appear in this test or those who are preparing for this test. Share information with others by joining

  • WhatsApp Group for AFNS test preparation
  • Facebook Group for AFNS Test Preparation

Leave a reply in the comment section if you want to add to the AFNS test preparation WhatsApp group.

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AFNS Interview

Interview for AFNS selection is also an important part of the selection in the final merit list. Many candidates were rejected in interviews. We advise you to prepare for the initial test and also for the interview. Students who want to become a nurse in Pakistan Army must have basic knowledge about the role of a nurse.

There are many duties to perform as a nurse in the army. The Army will teach and train you about these duties. They will judge these qualities during the interview.

Here are some important points for the final interview.

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Role of Nurse In Health Care

The primary duty of a nurse is patient care. The patient and nurse spent quality time together. Nurses observe patients. They also take part to create a care plan for patients with doctors and carry out that plan with treatment and medication.

It’s important to understand the role of a nurse before AFNS joining. The army only selects suitable candidates for this post. Final interview is also called a personality test. Prepare for AFNS Interview.

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  1. Mahwish ali
    • Doctor
      • Maria
        • Muqadas skram
      • Azra Bibi
    • Areeba
    • Asma
    • Maria
    • Aqsa Nasir
    • Wasif
    • Ifra
  2. Shazia
  3. Arshiya
  4. Laraib Hameed Alvi
    • Areebamalik
  5. Kanwal
  6. Aisha
  7. Hassan
  8. Madiha
  9. Esha Nawaz
  10. Hina
  11. Noorulain
    • Rimshakram
  12. Zahra azhar
  13. javeria imran
  14. Ayesha Arshad
  15. Rubab
  16. Rubab
  17. Rabia
  18. Rimshakram
  19. Sadia Abid
  20. Amina javaid
  21. amna
  22. Samyka marium
    • Hafsa
  23. samykamarium
  25. miss farooq
  26. Ayyat Mushtaq
  27. Sajjad
  28. Noor Fatima
  29. Maria
  30. Mehreen
  31. Saira
  32. Esma
  33. Samsn
  34. Mahnoor
    • Ali header
  35. Safya
  36. Hina hameed
  37. Kinza
  38. Ayesha Tayyab
  39. Hamna kanwal
  40. Fatima
  41. Attia Chaudhary
  42. Sanam zahra
  43. Irza Imran
  44. Anosha zaman
  45. Ali
  46. Eiman
  47. rimsha
  48. rimsha
  49. Bakhtawar baloch
  50. Aneeza ali
  51. Sadia Majeed
    • Kainat khan
  52. Tooba sarwar
  53. Mahira
  54. Misbah
  55. Amnazahid Amna
  56. Amnazahid Amna
  57. Azra Bibi
  58. Rimsha Liaqat
  59. faila
  60. taliah hareem
  61. Salma
  62. Saira Abbas
  63. Sara
  64. Kiran
  65. Areeba
  66. Ali Raza
  67. Areeba Basharat
  68. Sunaina
  69. shua
  70. Hamna
  71. Heer
  72. Muhammad Tayyab
  73. Shoaiba Aziz
  74. Shoaiba Aziz
  75. Ayesha Shehzad
  76. Muneeba sabir
  77. Noureen
  78. Noor ul huda
  79. Nimra Arshad
  80. Kashf
  81. Eram
  82. Ayèshã
  83. Darood fatima

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