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ISSB Test Preparation according to ISSB 5 day Test Procedure is a key to get recommended from ISSB. To start preparation, first of all, you should have a complete guide about the ISSB test procedure, ISSB test is not as easy as someone thinks to get recommended. Throughout  ISSB only 6% to 10% may recommend.

Working hard is the key to success but in this case, a candidate has to work hard along with a lot of practice. ISSB test needs practice for each step. Here we describe the ISSB test step by step.

ISSB Test Preparation & ISSB Selection Procedure

ISSB selection is based on five days’ overall progress of a candidate. In these five days of psychological screening to test a candidate’s
  • Personality
  • Ability
  • Aptitude

ISSB Selection Procedure is most important to understand before appearing for ISSB 5 day test procedure. ISSB selection is based on the given above tests. ISSB Selection is purely based on personality, Ability and Aptitude. in ISSB Selection Procedure a candidate is judged by GTO, psychiatrist, and Deputy. For recommendation, a candidate must have gotten the recommended vote from the psychiatrist and one commended Revote from Deputy or GTO.

ISSB Selection Procedure is clearly on merit and only suitable candidates picket through ISSB Selection Procedure. Recommended candidates selected by ISSB Selection Procedure received Recommendation Latter through Pakistan Post service.

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ISSB Test Selection Centers

5 day’s test procedure taken at one of these four selection centers. A candidate receives a call latter from one of these ISSB centers.
  • ISSB Center Kohat
  • Gujranwala ISSB Center
  • ISSB Center Quetta
  • Malir ISSB Center

ISSB Centers randomly assigned according to the zones of a candidate’s initial test centers. A way to get selected is not easy. Prepare your self as an officer like qualities.

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ISSB Recommended Candidates Will Join Pakistan Military Academies

Candidates who pass the ISSB selection procedure and got recommended latter will have to pass the final medical examination. After this, they undergo officer training at military academies.
  • Pakistan Military Academy in Kakul
  • PAK Naval Academy in Manora
  • Pakistan Air Force Academy in Risalpur

Candidates who were recommended to join Pakistan Army were sent to Pakistan Military Academy Kakul. who recommended to join Pakistan Navy were sent to Pakistan Naval Academy Manora. And those who were recommended PAF courses were sent to PAF academy Resal Pur.

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ISSB Test Preparation 5 Day’s Procedure |Day By Day|

Once a candidate clears the initial test of the PAK Army, Navy, or PAF will get an ISSB call later from any ISSB test center. And asked to come with complete dressing for a 5-day testing system. Here is the complete guide about ISSB 5 day’s testing system.
Please read the complete guide step by step from day one to the 5th  day when all candidates allow to return their homes with hope.
let’s start with arrival day.

ISSB Arrival Day

1st day off the ISSB test is also called Arrival day. On this day all candidates have to report at their mentioned ISSB centers from 10:00 AM – 02:00 PM.  Once a candidate enters to ISSB center on the main gate of the ISSB building unnecessary items like Mobile phones, watch, Hand-free, other restricted items were collected, and after complete searching, candidates allow to enter the main building.
A candidate will go through the following steps after entering ISSB centres.
  • Reception
  • Checking of Documents
  • Allotment of ID / Chest numbers
  • Photographs
  • Administration Staff’s address
  • Completion of Board Questionnaires

ISSB 1st Day 

The following activities will be done on the 1st day of ISSB.

  • in (johar) hall opening address by a Deputy President.
  • start with Intelligence Tests
  • Announcement of screening out results
  • Psychological Tests

Note:- (Till 2020 Screened Candidates will not attend the subsequent tests) (2021 to onward screened out procedure ended) all candidates will undergo for complete ISSB 5 days procedure

ISSB Day 2nd

On the 2nd day of the ISSB test teams consists of 10 to 15 candidates to GTOs for further tasks and discussions. Groups name will be as Group Q, Group H, Group P, etc. In each group of candidates, the chest number will be reassigned from 1 t0 15 chest numbers and the following tasks will perform

  • Briefing about GTO tasks
  • Indoor Tasks 
    • Group Discussions
    • Group Planning
  • Outdoor Tasks
    • Progressive Group Tasks
    • Half Group Tasks
  • Interviews (stage 1)

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ISSB 3rd Day

Day three will again start with GTOs Tasks and interviews. The following activities may be done on the 3rd day of ISSB.

  • Individual Obstacles Tasks.
  • Command Tasks
  • Final Group Task
  • Interviews (Stage 2)

4th Day of ISSB Test

4th day of the ISSB test procedure is a simple day. There is not any test performed on this day but the following procedure may follow.

  • Conferences
  • Preparation of all the results
  • Dispersal of candidates

This is the complete ISSB 5 days procedure explained in detail. For any questions feel free to contact us. Comment us in given below comment section our team will further guide you about ISSB 5 days Test Procedure and Testing system.

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Best Books for ISSB Test Preparation

ISSB is not a test including Knowledge type or academic-related Questions or something related to exam. In ISSB 5 days Test procedure they only judge your character/personality and also hidden Qualities inside you. You don’t need to prepare for the academic portion or something else. Just prepare ISSB 5 days procedure.

You can get complete guideline about ISSB 5 Day’s procedure and ISSB Test including Bio Data Form Filling Guide, phys Test. GTO’s Test, GTO’s Military Planing Test, Group discussion, Topic Lecture, Group Task, Commanding Task, Phys Interview guide, GTO Interview Guide, Deputy Interview Guide. a best book consist on all above topic is best for ISSB guideline to understand ISSB 5 days procedure. We Recommend ISSB  Preparation Book by PAK Army Guide For ISSB Test Preparation (Guidelines and practice). Place your order and get delivery at your door step through TCS.

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