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The MDCAT Entry Test 2024 holds great importance for individuals with dreams of pursuing careers in medicine and dentistry within Pakistan. Serving as a standardized evaluation tool, it plays a pivotal role in assessing and selecting candidates for entry into medical and dental colleges. The MDCAT ensures that those admitted not only have a strong academic foundation but are also well-prepared for the challenges of medical and dental education. This, in turn, contributes substantially to the overall excellence of healthcare professionals in the country.

To join MBBS and BDS programs, you must take the MDCAT and perform well. This test is necessary to evaluate your skills and knowledge. Doing well in the MDCAT 2024 is not just a requirement; it’s essential to secure admission for studying medicine or dentistry.

MDCAT Entry Test 2024

As we mentioned before, if you want to get into MBBS and BDS programs, you have to take the MDCAT 2024 test. However many students don’t know which MDCAT test to take or what options they have. In Pakistan, there are different MDCAT tests held each year, and students from different provinces can apply to secure admission in the public and private sectors of Medical and Dental colleges in Pakistan.

In this article, we’ll give you all the details about these MDCAT 2024 Entrance tests

  1. National MDCAT or PMDC MDCAT Entry Test.
  2. NUMS MDCAT Entry Test.
Sr#MDCAT TestAdmission In College/University
1PMDC MDCATThe PMDC MDCAT test is conducted for admission to various medical and dental colleges in Pakistan. These include both public and private universities across the country.
2NUMS MDCATNUMS MDCAT test is conducted for admission to various medical and dental colleges affiliated with the National University of Medical Sciences (NUMS) in Pakistan. Some of the prominent institutions include the Army Medical College (AMC) in Rawalpindi and other affiliated colleges across the country.

Many medical and dental colleges/universities like AKU in Pakistan have their individual MDCAT entrance tests tailored for self-admission or private seats. Each university establishes a unique test schedule and develops its test syllabus, setting distinct parameters to evaluate candidates. This diversity ensures a comprehensive assessment of students based on the specific requirements of each institution.

These universities open their MDCAT tests to students from various cities and provinces, allowing a broader pool of candidates to apply. The decentralized approach enables each institution to select candidates who align with their academic standards and criteria for admission to private seats.

Admission to medical and dental colleges in Pakistan requires candidates to take the mandatory PMDC MDCAT Entry Test, in addition to individual MDCAT entrance tests conducted by universities

After you pass these tests, we’ll help you figure out which medical colleges you can apply for admission. So, stay with us for a simple guide on these MDCAT entry tests in Pakistan.

Students from provinces like Punjab, KPK, Balochistan, Sindh, Azad Kashmir, Islamabad, and FATA can apply for the PMDC MDCAT 2024 Entry Test (National MDCAT Entry Test), and NUMS MDCAT Test. However, only students from Sindh, with a domicile in Karachi, can apply for the DUHS MDCAT Entry Test.

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1. PMDC MDCAT Entry Test 2024

The PMDC, which stands for the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council, is like the boss for medical and dental education in Pakistan. It makes sure that the education and practices in these fields meet certain quality standards.

Now, the MDCAT, or Medical and Dental College Admission Test, is a test organized by the PMDC. Why? Well, it’s like a big exam for students who want to get into medical or dental colleges. This test checks how much students know and if they’re ready for the challenges of medical or dental education. So, it helps in picking the best and most capable students for these programs, making sure we have really good doctors and dentists in Pakistan.

In 2021 and 2022, PMC (Pakistan Medical Commission) organized a single entry test across Pakistan, named the National MDCAT. It was the first-ever online test of its kind.

However, later on, the responsibility was transferred from PMC to PMDC (Pakistan Medical and Dental Council), and PMDC, in 2023, discontinued the online test system introduced by PMC. Instead, PMDC reinstated the previous system and assigned the responsibility for conducting entry tests to individual universities in each province. The details of these universities are provided below.

In the year 2024, the MDCAT Entry Test 2024 will once again be organized by the respective universities. PMDC has assigned the responsibility of conducting entry tests in each province to a specific university.

MDCAT Entry Test 2024Province Of CandidateConducted By
UHS MDCATPunjab & IslamabadConducted By The University of Health Sciences Lahore
ETEA (KMU MDCAT)KPK & NMTDConducted By The Khyber Medical University Peshawar
DUHS MDCATSindhConducted By The Dow University of Health Sciences
BUMHS MDCATBalochistanConducted By The Bolan University of Medical and Health Sciences Quetta
AJK MDCATAzad Jammu and KashmirConducted By The Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto Medical University

UHS MDCAT 2024 (MDCAT In Punjab & ISB)

As you may know, PMDC gave the job of organizing the MDCAT entry test to different universities based on provinces. In this process, UHS (University of Health Sciences) is responsible for holding the MDCAT Entry Test 2024 for students from Punjab and Islamabad.

UHS has been managing these tests before, and there haven’t been any issues with their previous tests. In 2024, UHS will once again be in charge of organizing the entry test. You can find all the details about the test syllabus and other information here.

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Test Centres

LahoreD.G KhanSialkotGujranwala
For a Complete Guide read more about UHS MDCAT 2024


As mentioned before, the entry test in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa & NMTD will be a joint effort by EATA (Educational Testing and Assessment) and KMU (Khyber Medical University). KMU will be in charge of organizing the test, taking full responsibility. All students from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa can apply.

In the previous year 2023, both KMU and EATA conducted the MDCAT entry test, facing some issues. But this time, KMU is well-prepared to ensure a smooth and successful test. Students from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa are encouraged to apply, and with careful planning, the upcoming KMU entry test promises to be a reliable assessment for aspiring medical students.

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Test Centres

Dera Ismail Khan

For a Complete Guide read more about KMU MDCAT 2024

DUHS MDCAT 2024 (MDCAT In Sindh)

In Sindh, the MDCAT 2024 will be conducted by DUHS (Dow University of Health Sciences). Last year, DUHS effectively organized the MDCAT for Sindh under the guidance of PMC. This year’s MDCAT Entry Test 2024 will also be overseen by DUHS, following the syllabus outlined by PMDC.

The test in Sindh will take place at four different test centers, and the details are provided below. It’s important to note that only candidates with a Sindh domicile will be eligible to take this test. This decision was implemented in 2023 by PMDC, specifying that the MDCAT entry test will now be administered at the provincial level under PMDC monitoring.

Test Centres

KarachiNawab Shah

BUMHS MDCAT 2024 (MDCAT In Balochistan)

As per PMC’s instructions, BUHMS (Balochistan University of Health Sciences) is set to administer the MDCAT Entry Test 2024. Following PMDC guidelines, BUHMS successfully conducted the MDCAT test in 2023, ensuring its smooth and successful completion. For the upcoming MDCAT Entry Test 2024, BUHMS will follow the syllabus outlined by PMDC.

It’s important to note that only candidates holding a domicile from the province of Balochistan will be eligible to participate in BUHMS’s MDCAT Entry Test 2024. This aligns with PMDC criteria, ensuring that candidates meet the residency requirements specified for this provincial-level medical entrance test.

Test Centres

Bolan University of Medical and Health sciences, Brewery Road, 87300 Quetta

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For the students of Azad Jammu and Kashmir, the responsibility of the MDCAT entry test lies with Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto Medical University. This responsibility was entrusted to Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto Medical University for the Azad Jammu and Kashmir MDCAT last year in 2023 as well, and they fulfilled this responsibility excellently. For further details about the PMDC MDCAT entry test 2024 under the jurisdiction of Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto Medical University, visit AJK MDCAT.

Mirpur Azad KashmirMuzafarabad Azad Kashmir
Rawwalakot Azad KashmirIslamabad

2. NUMS MDCAT 2024

The NUMS MDCAT is a test by the National University of Medical Sciences for students who want to study medicine or dentistry in affiliated colleges across Pakistan.

Who Can Apply NUMS MDCAT Entry Test?

You can apply for the NUMS MDCAT Entry Test if you’ve completed F.Sc. (Pre-Medical) or an equivalent with a certain percentage. Make sure you have a valid CNIC or B-form. Click for NUMS Online Registration

How to Apply For NUMS MDCAT 2024?

Apply online through the official NUMS website. Fill out the form, provide the needed documents, and pay the application fee.

What’s in the NUMS MDCAT Test?

The test covers NUMS Syllabus Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and English. It uses multiple-choice questions (MCQs) to check your understanding.

NUMS MDCAT Test Details:

It’s an MCQ test lasting a few hours. Different sections test your knowledge in specific subjects.

Where Can You Take the NUMS MDCAT Test?

NUMS sets up test centers across Pakistan to make it accessible for students from different regions.

What type of NUMS MDCAT Entry Test?

NUMS MDCAT Entry Test is a multiple choice questions MCQs paper You can check the test pattern and NUMS Past Papers.

After the NUMS Test:

NUMS releases a merit list based on how well you did. If your name is on the list, you can apply to affiliated colleges.

Next Steps:

After the test, attend counseling sessions to choose your preferred college based on your position in the merit list.

Best Books For NUMS MDCAT Entry Test 2024 Preparation:

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