How Can Women Join the Pakistan Armed Forces?

The Pakistan Armed Forces have long been a symbol of strength, discipline, and honor. While traditionally dominated by men, the armed forces now offer remarkable opportunities for women to contribute their skills and talents. This article serves as a comprehensive guide on how women can embark on a rewarding journey in the Pakistan Armed Forces.

Introduction to Pakistan Armed Forces

The Pakistan Armed Forces, comprising the Pakistan Army, Pakistan Navy, and Pakistan Air Force, are the guardians of the nation’s security, sovereignty, and territorial integrity. Pakistan Armed Forces now open the doors for women candidates to join and serve the nation with honour and dignity.

Opportunities for Women in the Pakistan Armed Forces

Over the last some years, the Pakistan Armed Forces have opened their doors to women. The armed forces now offer a range of opportunities for women to serve in various branches of Army, Navy, and PAF.

  1. Army: The Pakistan Army provides many opportunities for women to serve in different corps. Women can join as officers in fields such as
    • Signals
    • Engineers
    • Ordinance
    • Army Education Corps
    • Army Medical Corps
    • Administration
    • Logistics
    • Intelligence
    • Military police
  2. Navy: The Pakistan Navy offers avenues for women to join as commissioned officers in various branches, including
    • Marine Engineering
    • Supply
    • Law
    • Education
    • Navigation
    • Logistics
    • Administration
    • Technical fields
  3. Air Force: The Pakistan Air Force welcomes women to join as
    • Pilots
    • Navigators
    • Engineers
    • Air traffic controllers
    • Technical & Administrative roles

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Eligibility Criteria for Women Joining the Pakistan Armed Forces

The eligibility criteria for women joining the Pakistan armed forces are different for different courses. some common factors are:

Diverse Qualification Levels: Joining the Pakistan Armed Forces

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QualificationForceCourseFurther Details
Matric Science (Bio as a subject)PAFFMA (Female Medical Assistant)PAF Female Medical Assistant
Matric Science (Bio as a subject)NavyFMT (Female Medical Technician)NAVY Female Medical Technician
ICS (having Physics as a subject)PAFa. General Duty Pilot (GDP Branch)
b. Admin and Special Duties(A&SD Branch)
c. Logistics (LOG Branch)
PAF GDP Course
FSc (Pre-Engineering)PAFa. General Duty Pilot (GDP Branch)
b. Aeronautical Engineering (CAE Branch)
c. Admin and Special Duties (A&SD Branch)
d. Logistics(LOG Branch)
a. PAF GDP Course
FSc (Pre-Medical)PAFa. General Duty Pilot (GDP Branch)
b. Admin and Special Duties(A&SD Branch)
c. Logistics (LOG Branch)
PAF GDP Course
FSc (Pre-Medical)ArmyArmed Forces Nursing Services (AFNS Course)Army AFNS Course
Master’s Degree
(BS(4 years) or equivalent degree If your Subject is Announced then apply)
ArmyLCC (Lady Cadet Course)PAK Army LCC

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Females Can’t Join Armed Forces After These Qualifications

After obtaining a qualification in the given bellow table, regrettably, you may not meet the necessary criteria to be eligible for service in the armed forces. The armed forces have specific requirements and standards that must be met, and while this qualification may be valuable in other fields or industries, it may not align with the specific skillset or aptitude required for military service.

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Matric (Arts, without Bio) Can’t ApplyCan’t ApplyCan’t Apply
ICS (without Physics)Can’t ApplyCan’t ApplyCan’t Apply
D.COMCan’t ApplyCan’t ApplyCan’t Apply
B.COMCan’t ApplyCan’t ApplyCan’t Apply
Any Equavaliant DiplomaCan’t ApplyCan’t ApplyCan’t Apply
BSCCan’t ApplyCan’t ApplyCan’t Apply

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How Female Can Join Pakistan Army?

Female candidates who want to join Pakistan Army have to read this guide step-by-step. After reading this guide a female candidate can be able to find out the right path for joining of Pakistan army. Joining the Pakistan army is the biggest dream of those who love Pakistan and the Armed Forces.

A Candidate has to check eligibility criteria before applying to Pakistan Army. For female candidates, there are limited opportunities to serve the nation.

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List Of Pakistan Army Courses for Female

Females can join Pakistan Army through

  • Armed Forces Nursing Services (Army AFNS Course)
  • Lady Cadet Course (Army LCC Course)

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AFNS Course:

Only female citizens of Pakistan who want to join the Pakistan Army in Medical fields can Apply for AFNS Course. required qualifications for AFNS Course is FSc (Pre-Medical) / A’Level are equivalent (Bio as a subject) having 60% marks. For complete details visit Army Nursing Admission 2024.

Army LCC Course:

Females having Qualification Master Degree / (Equavilant in specific fields) can apply for Army LCC Course. They can join as a captain through a direct short service commission. For a Complete detailed procedure visit PAK Army LCC Registration

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Success Stories of Women in the Pakistan Armed Forces

Major General Shahida Malik:

Major General Shahida Malik became the first woman officer to hold the rank of Major General in the Pakistan Army. She achieved this milestone in 2002 and served as the Principal of the Army Medical College in Rawalpindi.

Major General Nigar Johar:

Major General Nigar Johar made history by becoming the first female officer to reach the rank of Major General in the Pakistan Army’s Medical Corps. She was promoted to this position in 2019.

Ayesha Farooq:

Ayesha Farooq became Pakistan’s first female fighter pilot. She joined the Pakistan Air Force (PAF) in 2012 and flew missions as a fighter pilot. Ayesha has served as a role model for aspiring female pilots in Pakistan.

Samina Baig:

Samina Baig is a mountaineer who became the first Pakistani woman to climb Mount Everest, the world’s highest peak. She has also successfully scaled other challenging mountains, promoting the spirit of adventure and resilience.

Dr. Shireen Mazari:

Although not a military officer, Dr. Shireen Mazari is a notable figure in Pakistan’s defense landscape. She is a prominent political figure and served as the Federal Minister of Human Rights. Dr. Mazari has been a strong advocate for women’s inclusion and empowerment in the armed forces.

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