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Candidates who want to join Pakistan Army through Army Lady Cadet Course 2023 and searching for detailed information about PAK Army Lady Cadet Course Test. Here in this article, you can get free test preparation material, LCC Test Syllabus, and LCC Test Pattern.

The candidate can prepare as per LCC Test Syllabus. Before starting preparation must read given bellow instruction bout ARMY LCC TEST PREPARATION.

Army Lady Cadet Course Test Preparation

The Pakistan Army Lady Cadet Course (LCC) written test includes multiple-choice questions on

  • Intelligence Test
    • Verbal Intelligence
    • Non-Verbal Intelligence

Sample tests of the Verbal Intelligence Test for LCC and the non-verbal intelligence test for LCC are given below. You can also ask for Practice Test for LCC Intelligence Test.

  • Academic Test
    • MCQs from General Knowledge, English Language, Mathematics, and Current Affairs

The test is designed to assess the candidate’s mental ability, comprehension, and knowledge of current events. Candidates who pass the written test will be eligible to move on to the next phase of the selection process, which may include an interview, physical fitness test, and medical examination.

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Intelligence Test

There are two types of intelligence test

  • Verbal intelligence test
  • Non-verbal intelligence test

Verbal Intelligence Test:

A verbal intelligence test measures a person’s ability to understand and use language, including vocabulary, grammar, and verbal reasoning. The test typically includes a variety of question formats, such as multiple-choice. Here are the Army Lady Cadet Course Test sample and practice tests.

  • Army verbal intelligence Test for Lady Cadet Course:
    • In this test, a total of 85-90 MCQs are given to solve within 30 minutes

It’s important to note that while verbal intelligence tests are a good way to measure verbal abilities, they are not the only way to measure intelligence and other abilities such as spatial reasoning or mathematical abilities should also be taken into account.

Example of Verbal Intelligence test

Here is an example of a verbal intelligence test question:

  1. Select the word that is most similar in meaning to the word “skeptical”:

a) Credulous  b) Doubtful  c) Certain d) Pessimistic

The correct answer is b) Doubtful.

Another example:

  1. Select the word that is most opposite in meaning to the word “generous”:

a) Charitable    b) Stingy    c) Magnanimous    d) Benevolent

The correct answer is b) Stingy.

These are examples of multiple-choice questions, which are one of the common formats of verbal intelligence tests. The test can include many different types of questions

Practice Tests:

[wp_quiz_pro id=”1420″]
[wp_quiz_pro id=”1629″]

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Non-Verbal Intelligence Test

A nonverbal intelligence test, also known as a performance test or an assessment of practical intelligence, measures a person’s ability to solve problems and understand concepts without relying on language. These tests may include tasks such as completing puzzles, copying designs, or manipulating objects. Here are the Army Lady Cadet Course Test sample and practice tests.

  • Army Non-Verbal Intelligence Test for Lady Cadet Course:
    • In this test, a total of 85-90 MCQs are given to solve within 30 minutes

Example of Non-verbal Intelligence Test:

The Right Answer Is Figure 1

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Practice Tests:

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[wp_quiz_pro id=”1732″]
[wp_quiz_pro id=”2052″]
[wp_quiz_pro id=”3396″]
[wp_quiz_pro id=”2052″]

Academic Test

The Lady Cadet Course (LCC) is a program for women in Pakistan to become commissioned officers in the Pakistan Army. To be eligible for the LCC, candidates must take the Army Academic Test, which includes tests on English, mathematics, and general knowledge.

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Practice Tests:

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[wp_quiz_pro id=”2086″]
[wp_quiz_pro id=”2079″]

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