PMA Initial Test Preparation | Intelligence & Academic |

Here is the PMA initial test preparation online testing system containing Multiple choice questions MCQs with the right answer. PMA online test preparation system provides you the important & repeated MCQs.

Each PMA Long course online test practice portion consists of 40 MCQ’s with their right choice and you can practice for PMA long course online testing.

PMA Initial Test Preparation Syllabus

Online Test for PMA selection procedure contains two types of tests PMA Intelligence Test and PMA Academic Test. Here are the main portion details about the PMA Long course online test. All candidates have to pass through this E-Testing system

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This is a timed quiz. You will be given 300 seconds to answer all questions. Are you ready?


how many Permanent members of UN General security council?

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how many countries in Islamic Alliance against terrorism?

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.Graph of quadratic equation is?

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Headquarter of International Atomic Energy Authority?

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When quaid e azam joined Indian national congress?

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which City of punjab is most populated?

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UN secretary General Ban Ki Moon belongs to which country?

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South Korean Ban Ki-Moon, (born June 13, 1944, Ŭmsŏng, Japanese-occupied Korea [now in South Korea]), South Korean diplomat and politician

which angel is also known as Ruhool Qudus?

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When Did britishers annexed sindh?

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where is shah jahan mosque?

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Today PMA Test Questions | PMA 148 |

PMA Test Preparation Form

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PMA Intelligence Test

Intelligence Test contains two types of tests.

  • Verbal Intelligence Test (85-100 Questions)
  • Non-Verbal Intelligence Test (85-100 Questions)

Before further academic tests, a candidate must have to pass these two tests. If a candidate fails to clear the PMA Intelligence test portion will get a message on the computer screen as “Batter luck next time“.

prepare for the PMA Intelligence test with our online PMA test preparation platform, we provide you the important PMA Intelligence Test Questions and after the practice of our all Intelligence test series a candidate will be 90% able to pass PMA Initial Intelligence Test.

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We provide you with the basic course of the PMA intelligence test free of cost for 100% preparation with below mention silent features.

  • Time management
  • Strategies to solve Intelligence tests
  • Highlighted repeated PMA intelligence test questions

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PMA Academic Test

The academic portion of the PMA Long Couse Test is given below.

  • PMA Academic Test (40 Questions)

A candidate who successfully passes an intelligence test portion has to solve PMA Academic Test questions (40 Multiple choice questions).

This is a timed quiz. You will be given 300 seconds to answer all questions. Are you ready?


1st constitution of Pakistan was made after how many year of independence?

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Kirthar range is in which mountain?

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Shimla conference Date?

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First wife of Hazrat Muhmmad SAW was?

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Chelsform Reforms date?

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Largest Hadees Collection by whom?

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How many languages are used in Pakistan?

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What is the sacred place for Sikhism in Pakistan?

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Academic Questions PMA 148

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PMA Academic Test Subjects 

Initial test of PMA Long course & PMA graduate course consists of the academic test comprises of the following subjects or topics.

  • Mathematics
  • English
  • Pakistan studies
  • General Knowledge
  • Islamiat

PMA Initial Test online preparation is required to clear all these stages on the E-Testing system. Here our team will provide you with the best preparation platform for PMA long course Initial Test.

PMA Long Course Test Preparation Notes

PMA Test Syllabus and Paper pattern are as given above. Most students prepare for PMA Initial Test and only focus on the intelligence Test and skip the most important part of the PMA Long Course Test which is the PMA Academic Test and it’s the 3rd round (Section) of the PMA Long Course.

ISSB Recommended Cadets’ advice to prepare PMA academic notes for the initial test and ISSB test.  preparation. Most students joined Armed Forces Test Preparation Academies for PMA Long Course Test Preparation.

PMA Study Notes are important preparation for ISSB and PMA Initial Test. Those who joined any PMA Test Preparation Academy have no need to get any additional preparation notes. Candidates who want to prepare at home should have to by PMA Preparation notes. Our Recommended Notes are also available to buy Place Online order here.

How To Solve PMA Initial Test Online?

A candidate can solve the PMA online test in 3 steps.

  1. Verbal intelligence Test (85-100 MCQ’s)
  2. Non-Verbal Intelligence Test (85-100 MCQ’s)
  3. PMA Academic Test (40 MCQ’s)

What is PMA Verbal Intelligence Test?

PMA Verbal Intelligence Test consists of MCQ’s related to |Series| such as

  1. what will come next?
    1/5, 2/5, 3/5, 4/5?

    • 6/5
    • 7/5
    • 1
    • 8/5

The answer is “1”

For more information and practice please solve PMA Initial Verbal intelligence test given at the end.

  • PMA Initial Verbal Intelligence Test 1
  • Verbal Intelligence Test 2 of PMA Long Course

What is the PMA Non-Verbal Intelligence Test?

Non-Verbal intelligence test consists of image types questions. These questions are easy to solve a candidate has to just practice to solve that kind of MCQ.

Sample of PMA Non-Verbal Intelligence test.

PMAA Non-Verbal Intellegence Test

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To practice for the PMA Initial Test of Non-Verbal MCQs. Solve these simple Test Papers online for 100% preparation.

PMA Non-Verbal Intelligence Test
Online Practice for PMA Non-Verbal Test

What is the PMA Academic Test?

The academic test of PMA consists of multiple-choice questions from given below subjects. A candidate has to solve 40 Questions of this portion of the PMA Initial Test.

  • Mathematics
  • English
  • Pakistan studies
  • General Knowledge
  • Islamiyat

PMA Academic Test Questions sample is given below.

  1. the average of three numbers is 20 if two numbers are 16 & 22 the third is?
    • 16
    • 18
    • 22
    • 12

The answer is “22

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PMA Long Course Test Preparation Books

PMA Long Course Test Preparation Book

PMA Preparation Notes

Visit our PAK Army Online Test Preparation platform for 100% preparation.

PMA ISSB Test Preparation of Academic portion is important for initial selection. PMA Online preparation practice papers including repeated questions are here. Once you solve these practice papers completely Inshah Allah you will be able to clear PMA Initial Test.

Candidates who Succesful in PMA initial Test will have to go through Initial Medical Test & Army Physical Test.

  • you also like to solve these online tests.
  • PMA ISSB Online Preparation
  • ISSB General Knowledge Test
  • PMA Intelligence Test
  • Online preparation for PMA Long Course
  • ISSB Academic Test for PMA
  • PMA Verbal Test Online Practice
  • Non-Verbal Test Online Practice
  • PMA Online E-Testing System

Here we provide you free date for PMA Initial test online practice. Each test contains different types of questions with the right option and explanation. by solving these practice tests a candidate can easily pass through the PMA test. To start the test click on the start button and solve step by step questions.

Scroll down for PMA Online test practice 

Don’t miss to putt your original email address for results and PMA Study notes. AS PAK ARMY GUIDE team will email you important study notes for PMA preparation and daily PMA test Questions from all Army testing centres.

PMA Online Test Sample

To clear PMA online test a candidate has to solve three types of questions.

  • PMA Verbal Intelligence Test
  • NON-Verbal Intelligence Test
  • PMA Academic Test 

PMA Initial Test preparation Online

Practice tests of all the above-mentioned questions are here to solve online. start practice Now online test to clear PMA and ISSB test. After solving these tests a candidate will succeed to clear PMA online initial test.

To get maximum score practice more than 10 practice tests. A candidate can easily pass PAK Army PMA Test if he scores 80+ in these practice tests. Candidate can check their preparation progress in percentage and easily improve their preparation.

  • 0-69% scores are below the average line and need to improve preparation.
  • The candidate who scores 70+% considered as average 
  • Those who score 80+% are considered as Good.
  • Candidates having a 90+% scores are fully prepared & with the help of Allah Almighty will clear PMA initial test.

PMA Long Course Test Preparation Books

PMA Long Course Test Preparation Book

PMA Preparation Notes

PMA Long Course Initial Test preparation Online

To practice for the Army Online test start practice as given below pattern

  1. Verbal Intelligence tests ( for average preparation must solve 20+ practice tests)
  2. Non-verbal intelligence tests (for average preparation must solve 20+ practice tests)
  3. Academic tests ( for average preparation must solve 35+ practice tests)

The academic portion of Army PMA initial test questions online is a difficult portion to solve and contains MCQs from given below subjects

  • Mathematics ( must Solve 15+ practice papers)
  • Islamiat ( must Solve 15+ practice papers)
  • English ( must Solve 15+ practice papers)
  • Pakistan studies ( must Solve 15+ practice papers)
  • General Knowledge (must Solve 15+ practice papers)

MCQs from current affairs are also part of the PMA test. Read Daily-wise newspapers especially news before one month of Test. We recommend you Down news for best preparation. You can read main headings within 15-30 minutes. To get Daily Down news in PDF follow our Given bellow WhatsApp Group here Our team shares daily basis news files and also relevant post.  Before joining read and follow group rules.

PMA WhatsApp Group

Don’t share group link with irrelevant candidates and students.

Let’s start practice from the initial verbal intelligence test and solve the complete series till the academic portion


Lets have a look at PMA long course initial test sample Paper to get an idea how tough is it. Practice as much as you can for pma long course initial test.

Verbal Test 2

Verbal Test 3

Verbal Test 4

Verbal Test 5

Verbal Test 6

To get succeed in the PMA course start PMA Online Test Preparation for  initial and ISSB test. Get 100% related E-Testing MCQ’S. PMA Long course online test preparation is here with hundreds of multiple-choice questions related to the PMA initial test.

PMA test preparation for initial and ISSB

How you can start PMA online preparation on your smartphone or laptop/desktop etc? first of all you have to know about the E-Testing of PMA Initial test. Here is the paper pattern with details.
look at the below mention pattern of PMA initial test. Follow tis pattern step by step.
  • PMA Initial Verbal Intelligence Test
  • PMA Initial Non-Verbal Intelligence Test
  • Academic Test of PMA Initial Test

PMA Initial test consists of these three steps. First of all, you have to clear PMA initial Verbal Intelligence Test, Successful candidates will be able to attempt 2nd step of the PMA Initial Non-Verbal Intelligence test. After these 2 steps, the 3rd and last step is the academic portion.

PMA initial test pattern & procedure

PMA initial test contains three portions as mentioned above here we discuss the total number of MCQs in the given time for each portion.
  1. Verbal Intelligence Test
    • 85 to 100 MCQs
  2. Non-Verbal Intelligence Test
    • 85 to 100 MCQs
  3. Academic Test
    • 40 MCQs
Each of the following test portions is necessary to clear within the given time. For this, a candidate has to practice online to get batter results. For practice, Here is the online test system according to the PMA test syllabus.

How to solve PMA online test?

The best way to solve PMA Initial online test is to attempt all questions within the given time. There is no negative marking. Attempt all MCQs to get a high score result. The failure chances also decrease with the maximum number of attempted MCQs.

If you are not sure about the right answer. you can select a random option. it may be right or wrong. as there is no negative marking if a candidate chose a wrong answer there will be no decrease in the score but by chance, if the answer will be right than the candidate awarder with a score.

PMA Test Preparation Form

Chances to pass the PMA Initial test increase with the maximum number of attempted MCQs. PMA online test Sample papers for practice are given below. Also, the Academic portion according to subjects is described below in detail.

PMA verbal intelligence test

The verbal intelligence test of PMA course joining is a simple test based on multiple-choice questions. In the verbal Intelligence test, A candidate has to solve approximately 80 MCQs in 35 minutes. Some questions are long but can be smartly solved within the given time.
First of all, the Candidate has to understand the question before choosing the right option. All questions are given in a special pattern. Once you start to solve a question it looks too easy to understand and solve. sample paper of the ISSB Verbal intelligence test for online practice is given below.
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PMA non-verbal intelligence test

PMA Non-Verbal Intelligence test is also important to solve with much care. Practice makes a man perfect. As much as you practice w\you will get a high score in PMA initial test. these scores will be counted in overall ISSB progress and candidate will be highly recommended & have maximum chances of joining.

Here are the latest PMA online test practice papers for the best preparation. Our team will guide you about PMA Preparation, ISSB Test, ISSB Interviews, PMA Physical Test, and also about PMA Medical Examination.

How to prepare PMA initial test?

Frequently asked questions about PMA Preparation is How we can start online preparation for PMA Initial Test. The best way is to Buy a PMA Preparation Book. a lot of book stock available but I prefer you PMA Preparation Book of PAK Army Guides Product (available at the online shop of which is one of the best book for PMA Long Course Test Preparation Book and ISSB Test.
Also start online practice for PMA Initial E-Test to know, How to manage time during PMA online Test. Online PMA Test papers are available for practice according to PMA syllabus and also PMA repeated Questions with answers are provided here to succeeded in PMA Test.

PMA joining related questions & problems?

Visit for more information and guidance about PMA Long Course and other PAK Army courses joining procedure.
  • PMA Online Registration Guideline.
  • Joining Procedure of PMA Long Corse 150
  • PMA Online Test Practice paper
  • Repeated MCQs of PMA Long Course
  • Best Books for PMA preparation
  • ISSB Guide For Highly Recommendation
  • High scoring Tips for PMA Initial Test and ISSB Test

PAKISTAN ARMY GUIDE  team is here to help you, For any question feel free to contact with us. Our team is available 24/7 for help and guidance.

Female candidates can join PAK Army

Pakistani female candidates can join these two course of Pakistan Army.

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